Youth Dressers & Mirrors


Juararo Dresser

$569.49 $849.99

Olivet Dresser

$636.49 $949.99

Lettner Youth Dresser

$830.79 $1,239.99

Youth Dressers & Mirrors

Size, style and functionally are key factors to consider when choosing a dresser for your child's room. With the help of the Furniture Mart, you will be sure to find the perfect dresser to fit your every need. First, consider the size. You want to choose a dresser that will work to fit your storage needs, without overwhelming the space. Next, decide which style or aesthetic you want your dresser to evoke. Looking for a sleek style that will grow with your child? Then a darker finish, no-frills dresser may be the right fit for you. Want something a little more glam to please the princess in your life? A metallic finish, or over the top crystal embellishment style is sure to please! Kids' dressers can also serve a dual purpose and double as a vanity with the simple addition of a mirror, or transform it into a television stand or gaming station that allows for all entertainment items to always remain within arm’s reach. Start your storage transformation today, with the addition of a dresser from the Furniture Mart!


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