Youth Chests


Juararo Chest

$353.99 $589.99

Olivet Chest

$491.99 $819.99

Lettner Youth Chest

$683.99 $1,139.99

Youth Chests

Store your children's belongings in style with a kids chest of drawers from the Furniture Mart. Ranging in styles, sizes and storage capacity, kids' chest of drawers can cover a wide spectrum of needs. Not sure where to start when selecting a chest of drawers? First, measure the available space you have to utilize. Select a chest of drawers that fits the space without overwhelming or overpowering; sometimes bigger is not always better. Next, decide if you want to purchase a chest that is part of a collection, giving one cohesive look to all the furnishings in the room. Or if you don't mind a mixed and matched look, sometimes a little visual interest can really liven up a room! The final step to finding the perfect chest of drawers is seeing how much storage space you need to utilize. If you have multiple items you need to hide from eyesight, then select a chest with longer, deeper drawers. Only needing to stow away a few items? Then a more petite chest of drawers might be right for you. And remember, chests can be used for more than just clothes! Conceal toys, books, and other day-to-day clutter in chests when closet space is at a minimum. Find your favorite chest of drawers today at the Furniture Mart.


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