Picnic Essentials

Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: April 28, 2022

Imagine the perfect summer day: sunny and 75, a gentle breeze, and not a cloud in sight. The family just got done swimming in the pool; they’re drying off and asking what’s for lunch. Excited, you answer that lunch is going to be served in an extra special way: a picnic!  You’re prepared with a place picked out, a basket full of amazing food, and a blanket to fit the whole family. What could be better?

We know you have the most important parts covered, so this blog is your quick guide for picnic essentials that might be overlooked. Dealing with the sunshine, potentially messy foods, and other outside uncertainties is common for picnics, and we want to make sure you’re prepared from every outdoor angle. Read on to see what extra items and tips might be the most beneficial for your family picnic experience!

All Things Sunshine

With a perfect summer day comes lots and lots on sunshine. Sun exposure has numerous health benefits, but in moderation. To minimize an unhealthy amount of UV-ray exposure, we recommend bringing the following items to your next picnic:

• Sunscreen: this one is typical for most outdoor activities. Apply 15 minutes before going out and reapply hourly throughout the day. For extra protection, use a lip balm or cream that has added SPF.

• Hats & Sunglasses: Prevent eye strain with a hat, visor, or a pair of sunglasses.

• Portable Fan: The temperature can vary drastically depending on the wind. Stay cool with your own portable fan.

Mess-Free Meals

Some foods are just messier than others. There’s no sure-fire way to cleanly eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with applesauce and watermelon. Napkins and silverware are a must, but here are few more helpful pieces to keep your picnic space extra clean:

• Bottled Drinks: If your drink has a cap, it has the lowest possible chance of spilling, even if it gets tipped over.

• Wipes: Sticky foods are almost guaranteed to end up on faces and hands – wipes are a great substitute to washing if there aren’t sinks or bathrooms nearby.

• Extra Clothes: Sometimes the mess is inevitable. An extra change of clothes means that your picnic doesn’t have to end early

Outside Extras

Having a mix of extra outdoor items can make the difference between a good picnic and a great picnic. Here are a few ideas to boost your picnic experience, no matter where you set up:

• Wagon: Move your food, blanket, and other picnic items easily with a wagon; they work well on paved walkways, gravel, and flat grassy areas.

• Bug Spray: For wooded areas and waterside spots, bug spray is a must.

• Bags: If you’re in a park or other area where you can’t easily dispose of trash, carry one or two extra bags and properly dispose of them when you get home.

Want to Make Your Own Picnic Space?

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