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Maximize a Small Space

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Do you have an itty-bitty room that you don’t know how to make the most use of? Discover the 7 furniture pieces that will maximize a room with minimal square footage.

We all have those itty-bitty rooms we simply don’t know how to make the most use of, whether it’s a living room, home office, or a kid's bedroom. If you need advice on maximizing a room with minimal square footage, you’ve come to the right place!

In the Living Room

Choose Furnishings that Help Hide Clutter

 Consider a coffee table or end tables with ample shelving and drawers. Remember that a storage ottoman can double as a bench and a stylish storage space that can hide remotes, blankets or knickknacks!

Opt for Seating with a Reclining Mechanism Instead of a Chaise

While a chaise is a luxurious and comfortable addition to many rooms, it’s not always the best idea when you’re lacking space. Without sacrificing comfort, consider sprawling out on a reclining chair or sofa instead!

Choose Small-Scale Furniture

 If necessary, consider replacing a large sofa with a smaller loveseat. This is a smart way to gain more area to work with and make your living space more breathable.

In the Home Office

Choose a Desk with the Right Amount of Storage

 A desk with a couple drawers and cabinet storage may be all you need, as opposed to multiple pieces of furniture or even a large, heavy duty desk that takes up a large portion of the room. Before you make your purchase, assess whether a more compact desk will do the trick.

Consider Storing your Bookshelf in Another Area

 If there’s not enough room in your home office, but you’re not willing to sacrifice some office essentials, why not place your bookshelf in a nearby room? A bookshelf could be a great addition to the décor of a living room or bedroom.

In a Kid's Bedroom

Use multifunctional furniture

 A piece of furniture that functions as a dresser, shelving unit AND a bed just might be the solution to any cramped kid's bedroom.

Add a Bunk bed

When it comes to kids sharing a bedroom, a bunk bed might be just what they need to comfortably share the area. This is the best way to achieve more space for playtime, games, and other fun activities!

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize your cramped spaces, you’re in luck. Here are 7 furniture items that will make any space more practical and useful.

Incorporate Tables with Storage

Gavelston Double Shelf End Table $299.99

Its eclectic look and vintage rub-through finish with endless detailing make this an end table you are sure to love!

Carlyle Cocktail Table $ 639.99

With ample storage and functionality perfect for any home environment, the Carlyle Cocktail Table creates an exciting contemporary style.

Add a Storage Ottoman That Doubles as Extra Seating 

Brown Storage Bench with Ottoman $98.99

Bring style, storage, and extra seating into your home with this versatile storage bench.

Save Space with a Loveseat

Milhaven Black Reclining Console Loveseat $1199.99

The Milhaven Reclining Loveseat is comfortable yet trendy. Its elements include a picture frame bustle back, nail head trim, overstuffed cushions throughout and padded, rolled arms.

Pelsor Gray Loveseat $ 639.99

This Pelsor Gray Loveseat is the contemporary piece that will be the center of attention with its modern appeal and sleek beauty.

Say Hello to a Sleek, Compact Desk

Sarvanny Desk and Hutch Set $659.99

Perfect for both adults and teens, this home office must-have features a trendy, farmhouse cream painted body with a contrasting top.

Mango Home Office Desk $599.99

The Mango Home Office Desk offers a small footprint that's just right for spaces where square footage is at a premium. This build features solid wood, so it's not only beautiful, it's beautifully strong and resilient.

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

Trinell Twin Loft Bookcase Bed $1329.99

The Trinell Twin Loft Bookcase Bed features a warm rustic finish over replicated Oak grain for an authentic touch. Truly perfect for a child's space that could use a little more organization, this bookcase bed is eye-catching and incredibly practical.

Zazie Twin Loft Bed with Desk $328.99

The Zazie Twin Loft Bed with Desk makes use of the vertical space in your child's bedroom or dorm room, freeing up floor space for other needs. The bed is accessed easily from the attached ladder, making for a fun nightly ascent.

Save Some Space with a Classic Bunk Bed

Halantor Twin over Full Bunkbed $749.99

The Halantor Twin over Full Bunk Bed is made with pine solids in a dark brown finish. A true classic, this lovely bunk bed has the wonderful ability to grow with your child for years to come.

Lulu Twin over Twin Bunkbed Set $ 398.99

The light and airy cottage design of the Lulu Youth Bedroom Collection features a replicated white paint finish flowing beautifully over the grooved panels.

When it comes to dealing with these small, and sometimes frustrating spaces, it’s all about maximizing functionality. The right type of furniture can make a world of difference and play a major role in how you feel about a room!

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