Move your sleep status to elite with the Elite Smooth EuroTop King Mattress. The 1000 series 3-zone coil unit, encased in foam, and 2.4" MicroCoils are highly responsive, providing advanced support by expanding and compressing through the night to maintain comfort and dissipate heat. Stocked with the patented Marvelous Middle technology, it offers 25% more lumbar support in the center third and resists sagging to prolong the life of your mattress. Its cool-to-the-touch triple-cooling technology helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Part of the Health Rest Collection by Restonic.

Queen mattress pictured for representation only.


  • Fabric cooling technology
  • Marvelous Middle lumbar layer
  • Luxurious gel Whisper Foam
  • 2.4" Microcoil
  • Duralast support foam
  • 1000 series 3-zone coil unit - foam encased
  • Locally manufactured in the upper Midwest
Item #: RST2436KM
Ref #: RST2436KM

Elite Smooth EuroTop King Mattress

by Restonic Mattress

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Item #: RST2436KM