Your Home Garden

Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: April 01, 2022


Your home is your personal oasis, both inside and out. Summer is just around the corner, so let’s put some extra care into creating a beautiful, fruitful outdoor space that you can enjoy all summer long. Whether you’re new to the gardening game or a registered green thumb, it’s important to always start with the basics so your plants can reach full blossom.



Great Soil for Great Growth 

Your soil should be dark, loose, and full of nutrients. Dark soil holds water well, and nutrients will help your plants grow. If it’s loose, roots will be able to spread and help with water/air flow. When soil is loose, it will be easier to work.


Pick Your Plant 

Are you looking to grow flowers or harvest fruits and vegetables? Are you wanting flowers that grow just this year, or ones that continue to bloom every summer? These are great questions to ask yourself and your local florist! Each plant will have different needs, such as how much water or sunlight they need. Knowing these things can help narrow down your plant search.


Water on a Schedule 

Will your plants need to be watered every day? Once a week? Creating a water schedule can help you keep track of your plants’ water intake and ensure that they aren’t over or underwatered.


Now that you know the basics of plant care, it’s time to pull out the green thumb.
Happy gardening!