Understanding the Custom Furniture Journey

Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: February 21, 2024

You’re shopping in-store, browsing for a new sofa to match your accent chair at home. You run your fingers along a few pieces, you spot some decor on the shelves, and then you see it: across the aisle, the perfect one. The sloped back, the lounge chaise, the low-rise armrests - it’s all perfect. That is, until you realize… it’s not the right color. When you walk over to take a closer look, you also realize it’s not the right height, not the right firmness… you get the picture.

If you relate to this struggle, then your shopping journey is about to change. At Furniture Mart, we believe your home should be tailored to you - and we mean it: Every. Single. Detail. This blog will take you through our exclusive furniture customization process and how you can design your home with the perfect furniture.


What Do We Mean by ‘Custom Furniture’?


When we say that every detail of your furniture is tailored to you, we mean it. Anything that you can see or touch is customizable to your liking, even the parts you might not think of right away. From your living room seating to your dining collection, we’ll help you create a product that is 100% unique to you and your home.




Step 1: Select Your Piece.

For living room seating, this would include ottomans, chairs, recliners, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals.  We have collections and styles to fit every kind of aesthetic.


Step 2: Select Your Body Cover.

You can choose from 250+ pet-friendly and performance fabrics to find your perfect match.


Step 3: Select Your Pillow Cover.

You can choose from 300+ fabrics for a truly unique design. Don’t forget, you can also customize the shape, size, and trim of your pillows!


Step 4: Select Your Cushions & Frame.

Are you looking for a seat that feels like a cloud, or something with a little extra support? This is where you can find your perfect comfort level.


Step 5: Add the Final Touch.

This step is where the details really pop. You can customize parts such as leg styles, stains, nail head size, and finish. After that, the only thing left is the short wait until it finally comes home.




Step 1: Customize Your Tabletop.

Pick your table shape, dimensions, and choose from 10 different edge styles.


Step 2: Customize Your Base.

Choose your table height (between standard, counter, or bar) and pick from over 30 unique leg and pedestal options.


Step 3: Customize Your Finish.

There are 16 stain options, 24 paint options, and 9 different wood species to choose from.


Step 4: Customize Your Chairs.

You can choose from over 40 styles with even more leg options (also at standard, counter, or bar height). Plus, there are over 60 fabric options for upholstered chairs. When your dining collection is all set up at home, the last step is hosting a dinner party like never before.


As of right now, the full customization process is only available in-store. Have questions? Visit in-store with a specialist to learn more! 


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