Home Styling by Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Author: Hemishka Lobin

Published: March 14, 2023


Pisces are known to be empathetic and kind-hearted, giving everyone they meet their utmost attention. They are natural dreamers and when not surrounded by friends, they spend much of their time residing in their own soft, mystical world. As nonconformists, their sanctuary should give off a serene, ethereal vibe.


Popular Home Styles with Pisces

A Pisces’s personality should be reflected in the home: uniquely intimate. The most common style for this sign is an eclectic mix and match, picking from any number of signature styles and combining them together. But, you must be mindful when choosing to stay away from being overwhelmed by the mix. Pisces are nostalgic and have an attachment to every object brought home; each detail is sentimental and carries a fond story or memory.


Pisces Color Scheme & Materials 

Since there is such a mix of styles in the home, a Pisces’s color scheme is relatively simple. Calm, soft colors are the best fit: think of tranquil and aquatic hues such as lavender, pink, light blue, pearl white, or seafoam green. Incorporate natural materials and low maintenance fabrics to bring out the Pisces’s water-loving traits, but nothing over-the-top in terms of fanciness.


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Home Layout

Pisces love everything related to nature. As such, it is important to establish the connection between them and nature: lots of natural light, big windows, open spaces, and soft colors and patterns. Sentimental pieces and décor should be displayed throughout the home, whether on a shelf, in a case, or right out front on the table. There doesn’t need to be a specific layout for the furniture, but it should be purposeful and spacious enough to easily walk around.


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Bedroom Styling 

Dreamy and zen, the exemplary bedroom for the mermaid of all the zodiacs should encourage deep sleep for vivid, lively dreams. It’s smart to invest in high quality blankets and pillows sets, preferably silk. Soothing music before going to bed will build on that dreamy experience, so a vintage record player or Bluetooth speaker is a great nightstand addition.


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Living Room Styling 

Again, the styling is a mix and match of different pieces. Although the furniture might be different, you can unify them with a signature piece, such as a rug or coffee table. Since Pisces have numerous sentimental pieces, mirrors can double as a reflection for those. The Pisces also symbolize the fish, so adding an aquarium or other sea-related décor will fit the personality well.


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Self-Care Space

Trying to please everyone can be exhausting, that’s why it is crucial for Pisces to own a personal self-care space: a place where they can reflect on their emotions. Meditation is the key to lead a successful life for Pisces, due to their intuitive nature. The space needs to be airy, not compacted. Paint the walls colors related to nature, with lots of blues and greens, Gentle music, scented candles, and soft seating are self-care necessities.


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