Home Styling by Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Author: Hemishka Lobin

Published: January 11, 2023


Minimalistic but driven, determined yet realistic. In short, this Earth sign is simple and hardworking. They are known for their ambitious attitude and practical mentality, abiding by the common phrase, ‘less is more.’ The aesthetic for this zodiac sign is a natural, practical, unpretentious style.


Popular Home Styles with Capricorn

Being the horoscope that doesn’t have a fondness for overly luxurious lifestyles, Capricorns are drawn towards traditional, rustic, and farmhouse styles. These three designs take more simplistic and comforting approach for the home, perfectly encompassing the Capricorn’s personality: it’s all about basic elegance.


Capricorn Color Scheme & Materials 

As an Earth sign, Capricorns tend to favor natural tones: browns, greens, grays, tans, and white. Their home should be rich with calm, earthy colors. For the best color combination, the walls should stay a more neutral tone, and any pops of color can be added with smaller furniture and décor.

As an Earth sign, Capricorns prefer natural, strong materials, such as wood. It is a durable, long-lasting material that can easily be styled up or down for the occasion. The beauty of wood comes in the color and the detail, perfect for Capricorns. For long-lasting quality, leather is another Capricorn favorite.



Home Layout

The ideal home for a Capricorn consists of airy, open-concept floor plans with clutter-free spaces. Although Capricorns are organized and more minimalistic, there still needs to be dedicated space for storage (preferably not noticeable). Pieces like bookshelves, storage benches and ottomans, and naturally styled accent cabinets are great options.



Living Room Styling 

Capricorns are friend and family oriented, so it’s important to have enough seating space for guests. Sofas, sectionals, and oversized chairs are sure to provide enough room for everyone to sit in on the conversation. For décor, any natural pieces such as flowers, clay vases, or seashells will bring the outdoors inside. For wall art, family portraits and photos or awards from personal achievements will give guests a glimpse into a Capricorns’ persona.



Bedroom Styling 

With an organized and hardworking personality, a Capricorn’s bedroom should be the one place where they can truly relax. It should be soothing, without distractions. Artwork does not need to be dramatic: simple forest or water landscapes are all that’s needed with this Earth sign.



Home Office Styling 

A driven Capricorn needs a dedicated workspace in the home: productivity is a must! An office with minimal décor makes for minimal distractions, giving priority to the tasks and goals at hand. A desk with plenty of storage will ensure that everything needed is within reach, and a comfortable desk chair will make long working hours go by fast.



Capricorn Specialty 

Being born during the holiday season, Capricorns love to celebrate! At the end of the year, the house will be filled with Christmas, New Year’s, and birthday decor. Family, friends, and first-time guests are sure to make their way around for the holidays, so it is essential that snacks and drinks are ready to serve.