Furniture Mart Spring + Summer Catalog 2023: Explore a New Season of Style

Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: May 03, 2023


Spring and summer. The time of warm weather, sunshine, and all things bright. Every room, every space of your home is a perfect mix of light colors and cool tones to match the season. From plush, comfy lounging to calm, restful nights, your home should be the summer staycation you’ve always dreamed of. No matter what planned trips or unexpected adventures happen during your season break, home should be the one place you want to come back to over and over again. Inside or out, let’s seize the sun.  


All things spring and summer happen outside: backyard parties, lazy weekend evenings, and bonfire bonding. Invest in high-quality and inviting comfort with outdoor living.

The key factor that comes into play when furnishing your outdoor space is deciding what the main purpose will be. Will you be hosting events and get-togethers regularly, or will you be relaxing and lounging as a family? If your answer is yes to hosting, then you’ll need a patio set with plenty of seating. For dinners and other food-focused events, an outdoor dining set with a full table is your best option for serving. Fire pit sets are also a fun way to prepare food outside. Additionally, both types have an umbrella stand function to protect your food from the sun or rain. Seating is the main focus if your backyard will be well attended this summer. 

If you’re looking to design an intimate, private outdoor space for your family to enjoy, then comfort is the way to go. Soft, upholstered pieces like sofas and sectionals let you fully sprawl out in the sun or curl up with your favorite evening book. You don’t need to focus so much on the number of seats you have available, but rather the most comfortable type of seating for your space. If your family is in love with the outdoors, then a fire pit set would also be a good choice for both extended outdoor time at night and quality time with s’mores or story swapping. Comfort for quality time is the goal if your patio will be your private outdoor haven. 


Your dining room is sure to be full this summer: Sunday brunches, family dinners, and holiday parties all take place here. Let’s give it some summer love. 

When choosing a dining room layout, you must consider what type of food will be served. Are you focusing on full course meals, or more buffet-style dishes? If you’re planning to sit, serve, eat, and converse at the table, then a larger dining set is the way to go. There’s more seating for guests, extendable table features, and plenty of room for extra food. For seating, upholstered chairs and benches are soft, so sitting for hours on end will be enjoyable with food and good company. 

If you mainly serve buffet-style for family and guests, then a smaller dining set or accent cabinet might be your best fit. For these kinds of meals, eating usually takes place in another room (or even outside), so the focus is not as much on the seating. Accent cabinets or buffets are a perfect piece to use for serving: they have built-in storage, a top for serving, and beautiful details to add a pinch of style. Since serving is the focus, a higher table height (such as counter or bar height) might fit well for guests who are making a plate. 


Whether you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee, or sitting down at the end of the day to watch your favorite show, your living room is a place of pure relaxation. 

For your spring and summer living room, the two areas of focus are color and style. When talking about colors, there are two lines of thought: light and bright, or dark and cool. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in, then light and bright is your best option; this includes whites, tans, creams, light grays, and pops of bright or pastel colors. This choice is especially fitting if your living room doesn’t have a lot of natural or synthetic light – it will make the space feel brighter overall. For styling, you can add some plants (real or fake), and your favorite décor pieces that fit the color scheme. 

If you prefer a cool, quiet summer inside, then darker hues are for you. Browns, dark blues and greens, grays, and blacks are popular tones to use. If you still want to add smaller pops of color, you can use accents such as vases, table décor, or throw pillows. With the warmer weather, if you’re looking to keep blankets out for lounging, materials such as cotton and polyester are cool and breathable. To add that final summer touch, you can still incorporate houseplants into your room’s style, using either dark colored pots to match the theme, or bright colored ones to use as a statement accent. 


During the warmer months, your bedroom should be quiet and cool, letting you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. 

With the weather warming up, a common sleep issue that arises is waking up from being too warm. To prevent this, it’s important to make sure you have an ideal sleep environment: cold. The air in your bedroom should be circulating, with a mix of air conditioning, fans, and window current. Your sheets, pillowcases, and mattress protector should all be a breathable material, so as not to trap heat. With this, your bed frame should also be slightly raised, again preventing warm air from trapping between the floor, your mattress, and yourself. 

Warm temperatures and cool bedrooms call for a new wardrobe, along with closet space. Beds and bedroom collections with built-in storage are perfect for having your favorite outfits in reach, while also keeping your warmer clothes nearby for those occasional chilly nights. Not only clothes, but other summer necessities such as hats, sandals, sunblock, and beach towels can also be stored under the bed or in another drawer. Bed storage can be on the headboard, as an open shelf under the bed, or as a drawer under the bed. 

Home is the one place where you can truly relax. Every room, every space should be a place of comfort and peace. Your summer staycation starts now: let’s seize the sun.