Fall Home Decor Trends 2023: Embracing Texture, Leather, and Cozy Comfort

Author: Sarah Horacek

Published: September 08, 2023


As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, it's time to usher in the warmth and charm of autumn into your home. Fall home decor trends for 2023 are all about celebrating texture, incorporating the timeless elegance of leather, and preparing your space for colder weather. In this article, we'll delve into these trends and introduce you to other exciting ideas to transform your home into a cozy haven for the season.


1. Warm Earthy Hues and Texture:

Fall is synonymous with earthy colors like deep browns, burnt oranges, and muted greens. This year, go beyond color and embrace texture. Incorporate chunky knit throws, plush area rugs, and rich, textured fabrics to add depth and warmth to your space.


2. Leather Is Better:

Leather never goes out of style, and this fall, it's making a strong statement. Consider adding leather elements such as leather cushions, ottomans, or even a leather-framed mirror. Leather exudes sophistication and complements the cozy, autumnal atmosphere. Did you know we also carry leather alternatives? Shop a full array of genuine and faux leather options online, or in-store!


3. Colder Weather Comfort:

With the onset of colder weather, make your home extra inviting. Invest in soft, faux fur blankets and cozy knit pillow covers. Layer these on your sofas and beds for added warmth and a touch of luxury.


4. Fall-Inspired Centerpieces:

Spruce up your dining and coffee tables with fall-themed centerpieces. Arrange dried flower bouquets, decorative gourds, and candles in warm autumnal hues. These simple additions instantly infuse your space with seasonal charm.


5. Autumnal Accents:

Adorn your room with autumnal accents. Look for pieces that invoke the feelings of outdoor, with warm color palettes, that capture the essence of the season. Did you know each of our locations has a unique selection of accessories and decor? Visit your nearest location to explore our newest collections for Fall!


This fall, elevate your home decor with these on-trend ideas that celebrate texture, leather accents, and the welcoming embrace of colder weather. Embrace earthy colors and textures, add timeless leather elements, and prepare your space for autumn comfort. With fall-inspired centerpieces, rustic details, and the right wall art, your home will be a haven of cozy charm throughout the season.