Author Introduction: Kate Nusbaum

Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: January 07, 2022

Katie’s a member of the Furniture Mart USA marketing team. She grew up on a small beef and sheep farm in southwest Wisconsin, attending an even smaller school at the top of the hill in town. She’s always had a knack for writing, from short stories and journals to essays and articles; she just loves writing things down.

After graduating high school, Katie attended Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. She was involved in intramural sports, theatre, band/s, and multiple clubs at Bethany, so she never had a dull moment. Katie graduated in May of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and minors in both Theatre and Music. This mix allowed her to read, write, design, and play music during her college years, and she’s thankful for the chance to continue perfecting her skills in the workforce.

Katie is currently a Content Creator & Copywriter for Furniture Mart USA. As a member of the marketing team, she develops copy and written content for TV scripts, radio scripts, emails, social media posts, blogs, and other miscellaneous projects. Her goal is to create content that will inspire Furniture Mart’s audience to shape their dream house, their ideal living space, and their favorite spot that they can call home.


Favorite Piece of Furniture: Her 5 ft. Wide Bean Bag Chair