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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Interior Decorating Skills

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It doesn't take much to instantly improve the design of a room. Here are four quick fixes to improve your interior design skills.

You probably designed your home with pieces you loved when you bought them, but sometimes, the result can be less cohesive and more all-over-the-place than you'd like it to be.

Don't fret. It doesn't take much to instantly improve the design of a room. Here are four quick fixes to improve your interior design skills.

How to Improve Your Decorating Skills

1. Lighting

How you light up a room has a big impact on its comfort. And the wrong lighting can definitely affect your mood and sense of zen at home.

If you have a room in your home that only features overhead lighting, it can create an uncomfortable, classroom-type feel rather than one of relaxation. To add more comfort and style try to integrate table or floor lamps where you can. Unify the look by material, like featuring all fixtures in metal or go for complementary shapes.

The interior design experts at the Furniture Mart recommend using a mix of light sources at different levels. This creates a flattering glow, in which you can adjust your lighting based on the task you're doing.

2. Color

Color may seem like a minor detail, but it can really transform a room. Soft and light colors open up smaller rooms, while dark colors make rooms look smaller.

Freshen up a room with new paint that complements your furniture. If you're adding new pieces, like sofas, you can go for furniture in lighter hues like creams, light grays and light blues that pair well with almost any paint color.

Add a contrasting color that pops without diminishing the room's size by painting or wallpapering your bookshelf, fireplace mantel, hallway entry or even the ceiling. That unexpected touch can add some spark to the room without overpowering it.

3. Accessories

Thoughtful home decor can be both functional and stylish. Integrate everything from mirrors and rugs to coffee and end tables in a room for the added illusion of space, more texture, and better function.

A striking piece of art on display is another way to show off your taste. Go for one big focal piece, or cluster smaller pieces with similar themes.

4. Seating

However much room you have for seating, there are ways to incorporate furniture that promotes cozy lounging and friendly conversation.

  • If you have a big living area, use sectionals to create a soft separation from the living area and kitchen or dining room. Add some accent chairs to balance the scale of the sectional and create more seating options.

  • Have a smaller space? Opt for a sofa, bench or loveseat with some lounge chairs. Mix up colors or patterns of the sofa and chairs to add more dimension.

  • If your living room is wide and open, use complementary furniture with the sofa to divide the room. For example, you could add a bench, coffee table or end table perpendicular from the sofa to section off the room.

It's OK to choose furniture that isn't a perfect match, but look for elements that complement each other, whether that's color, material or shape. Arrange seating in a way that encourages conversation. Face pieces toward a focal point so that those sitting in them can see and hear each other.

Get More Tips for Your Space

Everyone has a little interior designer in them. When you shop at the Furniture Mart, our design experts will help you with recommendations that can turn your place from average to fabulous. Stop in today!

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