Sleep Problems? We Have Solutions

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Author: Kate Nusbaum

Published: October 06, 2021

Sleep. Sleep is something that we all crave, and yet we can’t quite reach that perfect amount before the alarm goes off. Sleeping occupies about 1/3 of our lives, even if we don’t like to admit it. If sleeping takes up THAT much of your time, why wouldn’t you want to create a perfect sleep environment? Why wouldn’t you want to wake up refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day ahead? The hardest part of perfecting your sleep process is understanding what issues are present and knowing how to correct those issues to get better rest every night. That’s where the Furniture Mart comes in!

Although there are numerous factors that contribute to your quality of sleep,
four of the most commonly reported sleep issues include:
1. Sleeping too hot/finding it too hot to sleep
2. Not having proper cradling/relief on pressure points
3. Not having a mattress that conforms to your body
4. Not utilizing sleep accessories to help you sleep 

These sleep issues play a major role in how you sleep each night, but don’t worry! Each problem has a simple solution, and we’ve got all the bases covered. Thanks to our newest mattress line, Purple, we have advanced and innovative sleep products to correct every issue imaginable and get you ready to start the best rest of your life.


 Purple Mattress Breakdown


Too Hot To Sleep 

If you’re a snoozer that gets too hot at night and ends up throwing off the covers, you’re in luck! Sleeping too hot is one of the most common sleep issues people face today and has some of the easiest fixes. If you find yourself getting too warm at night, it’s most likely due to two factors: the external environment and your mattress. The external environment includes your bedroom, with the main focus on air circulation. If there’s no air circulation in your bedroom, then the body heat you produce at night won’t be able to disperse; you’ll be stuck in a hot, uncomfy sleep situation. To circulate air in your bedroom, place fans either in the doorway or near an open window, pointing either into the room or out. This will give the bedroom air a chance to leave, and for new air to come in and cool the room down. 

The second factor that might cause hot sleeping is your mattress. While you sleep, your mattress is sitting right underneath you, and chances are you’re slightly sinking into it. It’s also a safe assumption that you are covered with at least one blanket or sheet, providing a layer that helps trap your body heat into the mattress. You’re basically stuck in a heat burrito, and your mattress is absorbing it all. You need a mattress that ‘breathes’, a mattress that will (like the fans) circulate air and not trap the heat you produce. You need something airflow-focused. Lucky for you, Purple understands and has the perfect solution! The Purple Grid was designed with hundreds of open-air channels that encourage airflow. The Grid is 80% air overall, so circulation is a breeze (heyo!). Lastly, its Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a temperature-neutral material, meaning it has a much lower absorption strength than other mattress materials. With that, it’s time to cool down & rest up!



Pressure Point Relief

After a long day of work, chores, and other daily tasks, you’re ready to crawl into bed and let your mind and body rest. Whether you’ve been on your feet all day, sitting in a desk, or a mix of both, you have certain parts of your body that get tired and need to relax completely pressure-free. These are pressure points, and the most common ones include the hips, shoulders, ankles, heels, tailbone, ribcage, thighs, and knees. Some people only have one or two pressure points that pose a problem, while other people may be uncomfortable across their entire body. So, if you’re someone who has a lot of pressure point problems (or if you sleep with a partner who has pressure points that are different than yours), finding a mattress that fits your needs can be tricky. A mattress should be able to hold up your full weight while also gently cradling the pressure points that cause the most discomfort. A mattress should cater to both larger and smaller body parts to provide the perfect mix of support and cushion. Sometimes, you just need a new mattress in general if yours is on the older side. Thankfully, Purple had these pressure points in mind when creating their Purple Hybrid Premier Mattresses! The Premiers have either 3” or 4” of gel Grid supported by premium coils. The Grid design was borrowed from engineering principles used in suspension bridges; it collapses to cradle pressure points and stays supportive for broad surfaces like your back and legs, while also gently supporting areas like the shoulders and hips. More Grid means less pressure, and nobody else has the Grid. The pressure is off when you can find a mattress to support all your dreams (both real and sleepy ones)!



A Mattress That Moves With You 

When you lay down on your bed at night, do you picture yourself laying on something flat? How about hard? Sturdy? Maybe even solid? Of course not! You picture a cloud, a cushion, something that surrounds you with sweet softness. You picture something that moves with you, something that conforms to your body. A mattress should obviously be sturdy, it holds you up night after night. And it should be solid, that’s for sure. But a mattress should be soft enough to match the curves of your body and keep you aligned while you sleep. It should give you ‘soft support’, meaning that it should be solid enough to make you feel secure and flexible enough to let you move around while you sleep. It should have all this AND the strength to bounce back without getting stretched out over time. In short, you need a mattress that both holds you up and moves with you. The Purple Grid knows how important this is, which is why the ‘Instant Response’ is one of the Grid’s key features! The Grid immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust and move during the night. The adjustable strength is perfect for standing the test of time and prevents the making of mattress ‘sinkholes’. If your mattress creates a sinkhole, you can’t move. If you can’t move, you’re going to wake up. And if you wake up, well…. that’s a totally different story. You’re always on the move while you sleep, and your mattress should be, too! Moving in a comfy way, of course.



Sleep Accessories 

So, finding the right mattress is out of the way; phew! That’s the hardest part, so congratulations! Even though the mattress is one of the most significant factors in your sleep quality, you can’t forget about the other sleep pieces. They are still super important, and can make the difference between your best sleep and lying awake at 3 a.m. When you finally find your perfect mattress, and want some sleep accessories to go with it, using pieces from the same mattress brand is always a good choice. They were made to go together, so why not match sleep pieces to create one, unified sleep system? They complement each other and boost the overall quality of your sleep experience (plus matching sets are just cooler, too). What are sleep accessories, you may ask? These are anything OTHER than the mattress, including sheetspillows, pillowcasesmattress protectorsfoundations, and bases. These accessories work as sleep aids, and assist with factors such as temperature control, product protection, cleanliness, health benefits, and more! Thankfully, Purple offers a wide range of accessories that go with all of their mattresses! Along with assisting the mattress in creating your perfect sleep, they also make your life easier with long-lasting, durable material designed to stand the test of time. Each accessory is simple to use, easy to clean, and has special features that make it unique. The accessories use those special features to boost the mattress’s features, making sure that you’re not missing any top-quality rest benefits. If you’re going to take home your perfect Purple mattress, why not take home the best, matching accessories to go with it? That’s double perfect, if you ask us. 




Everybody sleeps. Everybody sleeps every night. And because of that, everybody runs into sleep problems at some point in time. And that’s okay. The goal is to minimize sleep issues and create a space that gives you the best sleep you can possibly get. To do that, it’s important to recognize what those sleep issues are, and know how to correct those issues. Good thing we have the resources to help! Each sleep problem has an easy fix, and we strive to have multiple options for each and every customer. Thanks to the newest member of the Furniture Mart family, Purple mattress, we have new, innovative sleep products that provide comfort and peace for all sleepers everywhere.