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We believe in sleep. Deep, peaceful, restful sleep. Really, we believe in all things that help create the perfect night's sleep. After all, healthy sleep is responsible for how we feel. It helps us be better moms, dads, and overall happier people. It gives us more energy, fresh perspective and healthier bodies. Good sleep is utterly restoring, so retire those 'not-enough-sleep' and 'get-me-through-the-day' habits.

Let us be your partner in discovering nothing less than rest made in sleep heaven. Because we believe that great sleep transforms you into the best version of you.

So sleep sound, my friend. And wake up happy.

Wake-Up Happy Promise

  • 120


    Like any new relationship, it takes time to adjust to your new mattress. Give it at least 30 nights, but if within a 120 nights, if you decide that you and your mattress. Aren't a match made in sleep heaven, no problem. Be sure to ask your Sleep Specialist for details at the store.

    How it works:

    The 120 Good Night Guarantee is only valid with the purchase of a mattress protector, purchased at the time of the mattress purchase. This guarantee is valid on all premium mattresses* of $999 or more. After 30 days and before 120 days from the date of original purchase, our customers can exchange or return any premium mattress over $999. For all 120 Good Night exchanges, local delivery costs apply and include removal of previous mattress and delivery in-home set-up of the new mattress. 120 Good Night Guarantee does not apply to clearance mattresses, floor models, classic or adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, top of bed, mattress pillow protectors.


    You'll sleep sound with peace of mind because our Best Price Promise guarantees no one will beat our prices. In the unlikely event that you find the same mattress advertised for less within 30 days by a local competitor, under the same terms and conditions, just bring the ad to the store and we'll not only refund the difference, we'll refund an extra 10% of that difference, just for your troubles.

    How it works:

    Our customers have 30 days from the date of their invoice to bring a local competitor's ad to the store or send a picture of it with a date to our online customer service team. Our Best Price Promise does not apply to clearance mattresses, vendor roll backs or rebates, special purchases, promotional items or discontinued merchandise.


    From the moment you purchase, we begin working on the fastest way to bring smart sleep right to your front door. That's right, all of our premium* mattress sets qualify for free White Glove Delivery and in-home set-up. We'll even take your old one away at no hassle to you for a small fee*. We believe in taking the hard work out of getting a better night's sleep.

    How it works:

    White Glove Delivery is available based on store geography and customer proximity to the store. See store associate or contact our online customer service team for details. Free delivery and in-home set-up is available on all mattresses above $999. If mattress is under $999, delivery costs may apply. The $999 qualifying purchase level is based on mattress pricing only and is not valid when a set, mattress plus box spring or adjustable base, reaches above $999. An existing mattress may be picked up with the delivery of a new mattress for a fee on $10 per piece or $20 for a mattress and box spring set.

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What To Expect

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Learn how to adjust to your new mattress, extend mattress life and more.

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Protect Your Investment

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protect your investment now & in the future

When you preserve your mattress, it ensures happy, healthy rest.

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Hand-Picked Favorite Brands

We are lucky to get to hand pick our favorites mattresses and sleep systems from the best mattress brands in the world and we believe in them. We believe in the products we carry and we believe in their value. In fact, each night, we sleep on the same mattresses we sell every day. What's better proof than that.