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Cornell Cocoa Loveseat

$703.99 $1,099.99

Perth Pewter Loveseat

$735.99 $1,149.99

Akan Graphite Loveseat

$755.19 $1,179.99

Midwood Loveseat

$819.19 $1,279.99

Paradigm Loveseat

$908.79 $1,419.99

Barton Gray Loveseat

$1,023.99 $1,599.99


Add the perfect finishing touch to any room with the addition of a loveseat from the Furniture Mart. A small loveseat provides seating for up to two people, while a large loveseat can seat up to 3 people. A loveseats couch doesn’t have to skimp on amenities because of its small size. At the Furniture Mart, there are loveseats for sale with endless options such as, reclining loveseats, double recliner loveseats, leather loveseats, sofa and loveseat sets, and reclining loveseats with console. Plus, we offer just the right look of loveseat sofa to suit your style. If you are trying to achieve a traditional or timeless style, try a settee with neutral fabrics, or an understated gray loveseat or white loveseat. Want a more contemporary flair? Choose from our wide selection of modern loveseats with bold textiles and finishes. Shop an endless selection of loveseats on sale at the Furniture Mart.


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